Selection of Course

Students can select from over 37,000 courses in the UK, for placement with assistance from The Lords’ International School Facilitation Centre. We analyse each student’s needs and aspirations thoroughly and guide them to choose the best courses and colleges / universities that can enhance their career prospects in any part of the world. The Lords’ International School Facilitation Centre enables students to decide on the right course that is futuristic, demanding with advanced skills.


Understanding the specific requirements of a particular university abroad, document preparation, online application processing is often challenging for parents and students. Hence we give end-to-end assistance in each step of application filling and documentation that is requested by the college and make it a successful application.

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation plays an important role in getting the admission in a desired college. Each university / course may require different range of information with different formats. With a team of highly experienced and trained consultants, we guide students on how to get a strong and impressive Letter of Recommendation’s from their academic / professional supervisors, based on the requirements of the courses and colleges they have applied for.

Personal Statement

As a part of the application, a personal statement has to be written by the student, (ranging between 300-350 words). This statement includes a brief overview about the student, the academic and non academic achievements, the projects that you have worked on, your goals, aims, hobbies about the student’s interests, reason for the courses and colleges selected, what makes him/her, an eligible applicant. This is an important part of the application that holds a valuable place in helping to get the chosen course in preferred colleges. Our team of professionals will help to create and review your personal statement, for any grammatical or other errors and finally submit an impressive application to the universities.

Application Registration

In addition, we help students to comprehend the application details , provide a checklist on mandatory documents, to complete the application and also the final checking before the submission. It is very important to adhere to department or universities submission deadlines, so we ensure that your applications are successfully registered on time.

University Selection

The Lords’ International School Facilitation Centre epitomizes with over 370 colleges / universities within the UK, each of them having varied criteria and departments. We ease the process of selecting the right university or college by guiding you to select the course in your field of interest, matching them with the eligibility criteria and your financial status.

Student Accomodation

The biggest concern for the students and parents, who are planning to go abroad for education, is the accommodation. We take great care in assisting the students to find the best accommodation service and also update them with various options like college hostels, private hostels, PG accommodations, shared accommodation etc. based on the proximity, comfort and affordability.